Monday, March 4, 2024
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Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and his wife Mary are this morning back to court for the continuation of their extradition case.

Chief Resident Magistrate, Madalitso Khoswe Chimwaza is expected make a ruling on Bushiris extradition case preliminary objection to dismissing the application by the State to have his extradition case referred to the High Court.

The State had applied to transfer the case to the High Court for purposes of the High Court to make an order that the witnesses testify in South Africa or any other foreign court.

If the Magistrate Court agree with Prophet Bushiri’s objection, it means South African witnesses will have to physically come to Malawi to testify.

If the ruling is otherwise, it means the case will be referred to High Court so that an order is made for witnesses to testify in a court in a foreign court, preferably South Africa.

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