Saturday, March 2, 2024
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President Lazarus Chakwera has distanced himself from an insult that the minister of Energy Ibrahim Matola uttered to Malawians describing them as “Achule.”

The minister uttered the words last week on Monday during the commission of K33.1 billion, 20 megawatts JCM Golomoti Solar Power Plant.

During the ceremony, Matola told the president to disregard those questioning his regular trips branding them “Achule” (Frogs).

The sentiments caused anger among Malawians as some concerned stake holders demanded an apology from the Minister.

Commenting on the matter, Executive Director for The Centre for Democracy and Development Initiatives, Sylvester Namiwa called on the minister to apologize and also be disciplined by the President over his remarks.

Also, Mzuzu University political analyst Chrispin Mphande said it is unfortunate that politicians only think about visibility instead of reality on the ground.

“Politicians should learn that when they are on the podium they should not get carried away. They should learn to tame their political language. They are public figures, they will get quoted.”

Reacting on behalf of the president, Presidential Press Secretary Anthony Kasunda said despite Matola’s uttering sentiments, the austerity measures remain in force.

Kasunda said, “The austerity measures as announced by the president during the press conference were very clear, remain unchanged and are in force.

He continued, “There is nothing that the Minister of Energy said on Monday that is contradictory to the austerity measures.”

Meanwhile, Matola has not issued an apology statement yet.

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