Tuesday, March 5, 2024
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Police in Dedza district have arrested a traditional witchdoctor and his client for suspecting them of killing an 82-year-granny for riches.

Dedza police deputy spokesperson, Cassim Manda has confirmed of the incident. Manda said the two buried the victim’s body in a farm after they murdered her.

“The culprits have been arrested and have been identified as 37-year-old Greya Black (the witchdoctor) and his client Chikumbutso Dzimbiri aged 27,” said the deputy spokesperson.

Reports say, Dzimbiri approached Black to help him with ways on how he can get rich, to which Black instructed him to kill his granny, Nakopa Kam’mera who happens to be the 82-year-old victim.

The two managed to carry out the attack on the 82-year-old woman but police got the news and arrested them.

Meanwhile, on Sunday evening, angry villagers were wakened up about the news and stormed Lobi police in the district demanding the officers to release the suspects so they can punish them in their own ways.

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