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Martse’ cause of death has yet again rocked the industry as new updates have been emerging leaving fans in fuzzy.

Just yesterday, a Malawian pastor based in South African came out with names of whom he alleges to be behind the mysterious death of the “Adidas” star.

The new update has left fans in two divisions as others divulge the pastor’s claims to be true while others still feel the dots aren’t yet connecting.

As the death of the rapper Martse has now reached to a finger-pointing stage, some daring fan tried to taste his confidence by linking Fredokiss into the matter.

After performing at Gwamba album launch show over the weekend, Fredo posted a picture of his set on stage with a caption, “Kunja ali ndi awo…ku Malawi ali ndi Fredo.”

Fredokiss posted this picture with a caption “Kunja ali ndi awo…ku Malawi ali ndi Fredo🔥🔥🔥

However, one fan responded to the post with a savagery comment writing, “Martse uja nde mwamutsogoza kuti ghetto mulamulire opanda okupingani.”

The sentiments did not go well with Fredo who felt the troll needed a response. He responded, “Mapazi ako ase izizi muzikapangana ndi ma artist opoila omwewo not me,” Ntchana Fredokiss reacted.

It cannot be ascertained as to which other artists Fredokiss referred to when he said “Opoila” in his sentiments.

As of late, Gwamba and Kell Kay have been attacked in the comment box regarding the issue of Martse’s sudden demise.

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