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Bloody axe/hatchet

In Zambia, a sixty-one year old woman of Chama has been axed to death by two strange men outside her home in a horrific attack whose motives remain unclear.

Eunice Banda was attacked while acting the role of the good Samaritan in helping a man who had knocked on her door find his lost mentally-ill relative.

Bloody axe/hatchet

Police told said that on August 31, Eunice retired to bed with her family after having supper at her house in the Farmers’ Training Centre compound in Chama District of Eastern Province.

But after some time, a yet to be identified man knocked on her door claiming he was looking for his mentally ill relative.

And when the deceased and her family came out of the house, they could not recognize the stranger.

However, with the heart of a mother, Eunice decided to assist the strange man in looking for his mentally ill relative.

Eunice and her children joined in the search but while on that mission, the 61 year old was ambushed and hacked with an axe by another un-identified person who most likely was in cohorts with the stranger.

After severely harming the old woman who sustained deep cuts on her left cheek, the two assailants absconded into a nearby bush, leaving Eunice lifeless in her farm land as her children cried out for help to rush her to the hospital.

Muchinga Province Deputy Police Commanding Officer, Lucky Munkondya, confirmed the ferocious murder stating that the motive behind Eunice’s death is believed to be on suspicions of witchcraft.

However, investigations into the case has commenced, to establish the facts.

The body of the deceased was deposited in Chama District Hospital Mortuary awaiting post-mortem.

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