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Ahead of his album launch in Blantyre this coming staurday, hip-hop artist, Gwamba and his South African counterpart Emtee will visit a clothing line shop belonging to a young guy based in Chemusa.

According to Gwamba, his South African support Emtee and and also Lollie Native will jet into the country on Friday ahead of the launch of his album True Independence at Blantyre Sports Club on Saturday.

Gwamba says upon their arrival, they will go for a shopping spree and also interact with people.

Among other young businessmen , the Mbama star and his South African headline act, Emtee will stop by Chipiliro John’ clothing shop at Chemusa to full fill the young businessman’s wish.

“Emtee ndi Gwamba atangoti abwela kudzagula pa shop panga ndiyekuti basi ineyo ndavaya. Ndiyekuti ma yo onse kunoko azifuna agule spot yomwe achina Emtee ndi Gwamba amagula. Panopa ndayamba kale kukonza kapansi. Aliyense ali ndi ticket ya show ya Gwamba andipeze. Ndimupatsa discount ya 20%,” said John earlier on socila media.

John plans to meet Gwamba and Emtee

Emtee and Lollie Native will spice up Gwamba’s album launch alongside other local acts such as Fredokiss, Piksy, Driemo, Waxy Kay and Charisma.

Meanwhile, Gwamba has sold 50 CDs from the new album raising K3.4 million which he will donate to Pashello Charitable Trust in Chikwawa on Friday.

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