Saturday, March 2, 2024
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A devastated lady has shared a worst experience she encountered in the hands of her husband.

The unidentified married woman took to social media where she narrated her ordeal. According to her, she felt heartbroken after her own husband rejected to eat food she had prepared for him and instead called in his side chick to cook for him while in her presence.

Below is her narration.

“My husband just came back from work by 7 o’clock, had his bath, i served him his food, he rejected it and told me that he wanted to eat fish pepper soup by that and i also just came back from work. I told him that it was not possible that he should wait till tomorrow, fish soup is something that i have to plan and it takes time.

She continued, “He got upset and called me lazy. In my presence he picked his phone and called a girl, he put the phone on speaker, and he told the girl he wanted fish pepper soup, the girl responded and told him that she will rush to the supermarket now and buy fish, he should start coming.

“My own husband dressed up and drove out of the house. I was looking at him in shock as he dressed up, picked his keys and zoomed off.

The lady then finished her narration by asking people to help her figure out what really she did wrong that made her husband act like.

“I need to know if i did anything wrong, do you think i should have gone out to buy fish that night? I just came back from work too after the long traffic. What can i do now, this is the height of disrespect.

What’s your opinion on this lady’s story???


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