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For the better part of six months now, Kanye West has been in a legal war with the likes of Adidas.

Overall, this all started when Kanye started going after them on social media.

He made it crystal clear that he wanted out of his deal. However, he was a huge cash cow for Adidas, and they understandably didn’t want to let him go.

That’s when Kanye turned to anti-Semitism and forced Adidas’ hand. Subsequently, they let him go understanding the kind of financial implications it would have.

Last week, we reported on how it was confirmed that Adidas was able to freeze Kanye West’s assets last year. While speaking to the paparazzi, Ye had made the claim that $75 million was frozen across his Yeezy bank accounts.

At the time, many weren’t so sure about the validity of this claim, although it ended up being truthful. Since then, Ye and Adidas have continued to fight over these accounts.

Recently, according to HipHopDX, Ye actually scored a huge win against the three stripes brand.

After getting his bank accounts back, Adidas had filed for an emergency re-freeze, telling the courts that they would be subjected to “irreparable harm.” Well, the judge was not fond of this argument.

Consequently, Ye scored a temporary win that allows him to hold onto his assets, at least for the time being.

Subsequently, Adidas is set to ask for a normal asset freeze, in a few days from now. However, it remains to be seen whether or not they will be successful in this endeavor.

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