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A 28-year-old man of Chinese origin has been given a restraining order by The Lusaka Magistrate Court in Zambia for threatening to kill his 34-year-old girlfriend.

The matter was reported to authorities after Huang Yawen threatened to kill Wang Yin with a knife on May, 27th. It is alleged that on that day Yawen said to his girlfriend “I will Kill You” while holding a knife.

In court, Yawen pleaded not guilty to the charge of threatening violence. On the other side, the victim asked the court to grant her a restraining order saying she was scared.

“I was talking to him about normal some things, but he wanted to beat me and he was also using insulting language. He always wants to beat me and talks about wanting to kill me, so I am asking the court for protection.  He is my boyfriend and we have a child together who is seven months old,” she told the court.

However, Yawen told the court that he had no idea of what he was being accused of and challenged the court that he had witnesses to help him prove his innocence.

During the ruling, Magistrate Sinvula ordered Yawen not to be in contact with his girlfriend and restrain himself from being around her until after proceedings had taken place.

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