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A 29-year old man of Ndola on the Copperbelt in Zambia has been left traumatised while nursing a painful bottom after a visiting male colleague sneaked into his bedroom and had canal knowledge of him against the law of nature.

According to Kalemba, Tony Mulenga of Chipilukusu Compound, who is currently staying as a bachelor in acting capacity, after his wife left him following a marital dispute, was visited by his 38-year-old friend, Chola Musonda around 21:00 hours on Sunday.

A Traumatized male person

Shortly after 23:00 hours, when the duo had engaged in a lengthy chat on a cross-ranging issues, Mulenga asked his visiting friend to leave because he wanted to retire to bed so that he could wake up on time for work the following day.

But Musonda refused to go and asked his host if he could be allowed to sleep in the sitting room to which Mulenga agreed.

As lights went off and everyone overtaken by sleep, a sexed up Musonda awoke around 03:00 hours, tiptoed across the sitting room and stealthily sneaked into his host’s bedroom and joined him in bed.

The visitor then carefully disrobed his sleeping colleague before mounting him and, with vibrating and tightening 38 year old buttocks, began to drill his host in a nocturnal session of unconsented gay sex.

Deep sleeping Mulenga was suddenly awakened by a sharp and punishing pain to the opening at the end of his alimentary canal, causing him to lose sleep instantly.

Upon waking up, Mulenga was shocked to find that the source of his pain was the stiff and erect rod of his sweating friend who stuffed in his rear.

Upon realising what was happening, Mulenga jumped out of bed and screaming to the heavens, ran into another room from where he phoned his sister who, in turn, alerted his father.

Concerned about what had happened to his son, Dennis Mwansa rushed to Mulenga’s house where Musonda was apprehended and taken to Mapalo Police Post.

The traumatised Mulenga was then issued a medical report that was signed at Ndola Teaching Hospital while his abuser is in detention awaiting a court appearance.

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