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In Kenya, a woman is in critical condition after she was stabbed five times by her boyfriend in a city building after a fallout.

The dramatic attack happened in a lift where an intern at the Music Copyright Board offices stabbed his girlfriend in attempt to kill her.

The intern identified as Allan Musili and his girlfriend Alsheba Nduta, 24, were picked up while bleeding from the building elevator and taken to hospital where they are both nursing wounds.

According to a police statement, Nduta had deep stab wounds in the back while Musili had injuries in the stomach and neck.

Witnesses said Nduta had arrived at the building on Tuesday afternoon to return a laptop to Musili because they were no longer boyfriend and girlfriend.

Upset by the move, Musili followed Nduta to the lift, drew a knife and stabbed her in the back five times before turning the weapon to himself stabbing his stomach and neck.

The two were rushed to hospital where they were admitted in serious condition.

In another stabbing incident involving a love triangle, another 32-year-old Kenyan man is also nursing serious injuries after he was pushed from his first floor house in Kaloleni area, Nairobi in a fight over a woman.

The victim told police he was in his house with his girlfriend when a former boyfriend of the woman walked in and started fighting with him.

According to the victim, the intruder engaged him in a fight before pushing him off the first floor of his house.

He landed on an iron sheet constructed structure sustaining injuries.

The assailant escaped from the scene after warning his former girlfriend who watched the drama in disbelief.

Police said the victim was rushed to hospital where he was attended to. The assailant is still at large and efforts to find him are ongoing.

Police said they are investigating the incidents with an aim of taking further action.

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