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Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has asked President Lazarus Chakwera to immediately resign citing failure to govern the country and honoring his campaign promises.

Speaking during a press briefing in Mangochi today, Muthalika said Dr Chakwera among other things promised Malawians three meals per day and ensuring that no student is sent back from school due to shortage of financial hiccups, however that is not the case now.

“This country has lost direction and the pilot is failing to steady the ship. The president said he would resign if he fails to deliver in 2 years. It is time for the Tonse Alliance Government to go,” he said.

He continued saying he was serious to turn Malawi into Singapore before the current government came in.

“Plans were there, I was very serious about transforming this country. We would have done so by having quality infrastructure such as roads.”

Speaking on his part, Mutharika’s Spokesperson Shadric Namalomba said the cost of living is negatively affecting poor Malawians.

“We are victims of a failed leadership. President Lazarus Chakwera doesn’t know anything about the economy and to alleviate poverty among the people.”

According to Namalomba, Matches were selling at k20 when Mutharika was President but now same Matches are selling at k100.

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He says, Fertilizer 50kg bag was selling at k17,000 but now selling at k80,000, sugar was selling at k400 but now is selling at k1200.

“Cooking oil was at k2000 now its selling at k8000 a two litre bottle, if Chakwera continue to be President Malawians should expect the worst”. Says Namalomba.

Namalomba says, Chakwera has destroyed this country’s economy through the devaluation, unnecessary travels and over spending, over borrowing and other reckless decisions he has made.

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