Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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The ministry of Tourism, Culture and Wildlife has further issued an address on Zodwa Wabantu, prohibiting her to step her foot in the country.

Zodwa was banned to perform for her scheduled show in the country due to her nature of stage acts dress when performing.

The dancer adhered the ban to perform in the country but she however insisted that she would come just to watch her favorite Amapiano stars perform during the Winter Amapiano Vibes on 10th June at Dominics in Blantyre.

In a new address to the Secretary For Homeland Security from Secretary for Tourism, Culture and Wildlife, the ministry states that it has not cleared Zodwa to perform or be part of any event in any other capacity.

“The Censorship Board reviewed the application in the context of the concerns regarding her controversial stage acts, and most important Zodwa as a stage artist”

“In processing the application, the Censorship Board had to review the picture and the video clips that are in circulation depecting Zodwa on stage and the Ministry has noted that Zodwa has built her career and fame around morally degrading stage acts which include flaunting her nudity to audience,” part of the address reads.

Meanwhile, days are drawing closer for the scheduled show in Blantyre.

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