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In Zambia, a taxi driver and Zimbabwean truck driver have been detained by police for attempting to sell two Congolese women and four children, among them a two-year old for K500 (equivalent to 32, 940.00 Malawian Kwacha)

Kalemba reports that Stanley Simutanda, aged 26 of Chililabombwe was caught by Police carrying six Congolese nationals from Lubumbashi in his Taxi at Konkola check point in Chililabombwe on Thursday.

Copperbelt Province commanding officer Sharon Zulu

The victims were discovered to be 23-year old Rozana Emmanuele, who had a two year old baby, Dorcas Baseme, 20 Mungisho Sumaili aged 14, Mezeo Sumaya 12, and Gaza Gabriel aged 9.

And when interviewed, Simutanda narrated that the victims boarded his vehicle at the taxi rank in Kasumbalesa as he was supposed to hand them over to an unidentified person in Chililabombwe.

The police then got hold of Simutanda contact, the man he was supposed to give the children to, later identified as Nyika Mujuru, 49, who was driving a freightliner truck from Harare, Zimbabwe.

Mujuru was convinced to come to the Konkola Police Check Point where he was later apprehended.

After being interrogated Mujuru revealed that he met someone in Kasumbalesa who asked him to take the five kids to Mufulira Turn Off at Sabina, and hand them over to someone there at a fee of K500.

However, whilst in Kasumbalesa, the documents for the Copper he was transporting were released early by ZRA, and that’s how he left the kids behind.

Copperbelt Province commanding officer Sharon Zulu confirmed the suspected human trafficking incident stating it occurred on Thursday at 13:00 hours.

Zulu said when the kids were asked about their movement, they explained they were going to see their uncle who stays in South Africa, but had no documents to support their stay or passage to South Africa.

The commanding officer revealed that the kid’s parents back home in Lubumbashi were not even aware of their children’s movement.

She further said the two drivers have been detained and are currently in police custody to assist police with further investigations.

The victims have been handed over to migration officers, and are being kept by one of the opharnage center in Chililabombwe.

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