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Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) today buried a gold-crowned tooth of Independence hero Patrice Lumamba.

Lumamba was assassinated more than 60 years ago and the only part of his body that was found was the tooth as the rest was dissolved in acid.

Reports say, the tooth has just been returned in the country from Belgium after it was stolen and was used as trophy.

Ahead of the burial ceremony in the country’s capital Kinshasa, the tooth was  paraded in several parts of the country while in a coffin to let people pay their last respects.

a coffin with Lumamba’s tooth was paraded in most parts of the country to let people pay last respects

The country’s President Félix Tshisekedi, the Lumumba’s family and other dignitaries were present at the ceremony before the coffin is transferred to a specially built mausoleum.

Lumamba was the country’s first prime minister from June until September 1960 and also known as one of the prominent voices in Africa’s anti-colonial movement.

Today marks exactly 62 years since Belgium ceased to take control of the country.

Lumamba was one of a few people the Belgians hated as he was the opposite of their wishes.

In 1960, Lumamba made an infamous speech in present of the Belgian dignitaries castigating Belgium for holding Congolose people in ‘humiliating slavery.’

Along with other allies, Lumamba died in 1961 after being shot by firing squad, a move fueled by Belgium.


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