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Some Hip-hop fanatics have already foreseen this could be the start of new beef: The thing is, Evanz Muzik and Nthondwa are on each other’s throat over which one is real hiphop and which one is not.

According to the Tumbuka rapper Nthondwa, There’s no such thing as real hip-hop as it “oversimplies the evolution of the hip-hop genre.”

From left to right: Evance Muzik and Nthondwa

Nthondwa argues that it is wrong to consider a certain type of hip-hop as fake, but rather to appreciate the evolution that hip-hop has gone through since its discovery. He emphasized on how hip-hop changed from 1970’s to 1990’s while mentioning a few names, from Kurtis Blow to Jay Z.

“Hip-hop has continuously evolved and diversified, embracing new sounds, styles and cultural influences,” Nthondwa outlined.

But Evanz Muzik, who is known by Chichewa story telling in his raps is in disagreement with Nthondwa’s theory.

He questioned on how Nthondwa has only named “Madolo okhaokha” leaving aside those he (Evanz Muzik) considers as makape, mentioning the likes of Migos, Lil Yachty and other Malawian artists.

“Wekha wanena kuti hip-hop ili ndi ma elements awa; rap music, Djing, Breakdancing and Graffit. Kodi nyimbo zomwe amaimba makape ndatchulawa apapa zimagwera pa element itiyo.?

According to some comments, some fans believe Nthondwa’s post was a direct diss to Evanz Muzik who is also the CEO of the brand called “YENIYENI HIP-HOP”

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