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A 17-year-old South African girl has reportedly died after she was stoned to death by her 23-year-old boyfriend.

The teenager identified as Promise Tsatsi met her fate on Saturday evening.

Her uncle, Mpshe Tsatsi, who is distraught and still struggling to comprehend his niece’s death, said the teenager had been staying with his elderly mother.

He and his wife live in Polokwane, where he works. He visits the village home regularly at weekends.

“It is tough — it is very tough, I must say,” he said. “She was a very nice girl and I heard at school that she was very good with mathematics and physics.”

He said the family wasn’t aware of the relationship and didn’t know the boyfriend.

When Mphe arrived home on Saturday, he found uncooked boerewors on the kitchen table. His mother said the meat was taken out of the fridge by her granddaughter to cook.

“She was about to cook before she left [to go out with the boyfriend].”

He said the teenager was in grade 12 and they were planning to help her study at university. The school had recently helped her apply for a bursary.

Mphe thanked the social development department for assisting the family and Promise’s schoolmates with counselling, to help them deal with the trauma.

He was disappointed the family of the alleged perpetrator had not approached them. “We expected his family to come and say something to us in the form of apology or something, but so far no-one has come.”

He said they understood that the family did not send their child to kill someone, but still expected elders to apologise as it would help them find closure. “Even yesterday we were discussing it and I said that if they don’t want to come, we can’t force them. An apology must come from your heart.”

Promise will be buried on Saturday.

Limpopo police spokesperson Lt-Col Mamphaswa Seabi said the accused did not appear in court on Monday as scheduled, as officers are still investigating the circumstances around the murder.

The initial police report said the suspect was walking with the victim when she received a phone call, said Seabi.

“The suspect accused her of cheating on him and he then stoned her to death. The police were called and on arrival at the scene, the victim was found lying with fatal injuries.”

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