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A woman has been reported dead after figuring in a car crash while she was reportedly tailing her cheating husband and his mistress in Calabar, Nigeria on Sunday, Sept. 18.

The deceased, a middle-aged woman whose identity has been withheld from the public, reportedly sighted her husband leaving a shopping mall in the company of another female, speculated to be his “side chick,” in the front seat of his car before the tragic turn of events. Enraged, the woman chased behind them trying to catch up with her husband’s car with the Toyota Highlander she was driving in, Vanguard reported.

However, while she was in pursuit of her husband, the man reportedly began accelerating his vehicle after noticing his wife’s car.

As the woman sped up trying to tail her husband, she reportedly lost control of the vehicle she was driving and veered off the road into a ditch on the Muritala Mohammed Highway in the Calabar Municipal local government area.

The car then crashed into a tree leaving the woman unconscious and with severe injuries.

“In a bid to outrun her husband, she lost control of the speeding vehicle, veered off the road, and slammed the vehicle, headlong, into a tree, damaging the vehicle beyond repairs and also killing herself,” a source who didn’t want to be identified revealed.

Seeing the car crash into the tree, the husband dropped off the lady he was with and then rushed to the scene of the accident. He then rescued his wife from the wrecked car and then rushed the woman to a nearby hospital for immediate treatment. However, the wife died a few minutes later at the hospital due to the injury she sustained from the incident, Paradise News reported.

According to Maikano Hassan, Sector Commander of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) in Cross River, the incident was caused by overspeeding. 

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