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In Zambia, three women are reported to have raped a local musician identified as Wiz Bebe.

The 22-year old singer known for his song Panduka Chitete which features Raydee and the salacious Deborah fell in the lap of his victims after they offered him a lift to Ndola after featuring for an interview on Power TV on Monday afternoon.


According to Wiz Bebe real names Wisdom Zimba, he went to Heroes Stadium in Lusaka to hike around 17:00 hours, upon which he met two young ladies who also said they were going to the Copperbelt.

He said the two ladies offered to give him a lift once their Allion-driving colleague arrived.

And true to their words, a white Allion driven by a male pulled over around 18:00 hours and the three hopped in.

As they drove, Wiz Bebe said the ladies were drinking Embe Juice which they also offered him.

He explained that as they got around Chibombo area, the driver stopped at a bar saying he wanted to get some alcohol.

“From there, I can’t remember a lot of things because I just blacked out and woke up around 01:00 hours only to be surprised that I was in some room.

Confused about how I got there, I just got up, found my way to the Great North Road where I hiked again and arrived in Ndola very late,” he narrated.

Wiz Bebe said he was, however, shocked yesterday when he received a short mobile phone video through his messenger in which he was unconscious and laying on a bed while a woman only clad in a shirt was having sex with him.

After seeing himself in the video performing whatever round, Wiz Bebe realized that he had been ‘drugged’ and taken advantage of, upon which he reported the matter to Ndola Central Police.

“The only thing is that the account that sent me the video immediately blocked and I can’t remember their faces or the number plate of the car so I am really disturbed,” he said.

The video and pictures of the assault apparently taken by the perpetrators are now being shared on social media.

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