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Diseases are inevitable for most people during their lifetimes and they can threaten one’s ability to earn an income in a job and provide for themselves.

Whether physical or mental, losing the ability to work can mean financial instability or even poverty.

Added to this are numerous hospital bills that still need to be paid.

A Chinese man found himself without a job after reportedly spending up to six hours of his workday using the restroom.

According to ”Laodong Daily,” the employee, known by his surname Wang, received surgery for an anorectal (relating to the anus and rectum) condition in December 2014 but stated he still felt agony a month later after his surgical incision healed.

Wang who used to work for an organisation in Tianjin allegedly began to spend three to six hours per day in the toilet in July 2015. His old employer considered these hours to be excessive.

Company records are said to have revealed that the man went to the toilet up to 22 times between September 7 and September 17, 2015. This equalled two to three visits to the lavatory each workday.

Wang was then sacked from his job in September 2015. The company claimed policies pertaining to lateness, leaving early and even absences.

The two parties then started a protracted litigation to settle the labour issue when the dissatisfied worker requested arbitration to have his employment reinstated in October 2015.

Wang’s frequent trips to the toilet did not fall under what the Tianjin high court determined to be reasonable and normal physiological needs. So, Wang lost the case and did not get his position back.

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