Saturday, March 2, 2024
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Mexico has detained Rafael Caro Quintero, a drug lord convicted of murdering a US agent in 1985 in a law enforcement coup that also killed 14 military personnel when the helicopter used crashed.

United States has commended the arrest saying they will make a fast move to process his extradition to US.

“This is huge,” White house staff Juan Gonzalez wrote in Twitter.

Quintero was arrested in San Simon in the Sinaloa municipality of Choix.

US had been pressuring the arrest of the drug lord for many years now. He was arrested the same week Mexican president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador met with US president Joe Biden.

Obrador posted on twitter that Mexico would investigate what caused the crash of the helicopter that carried military personnel who were backing up the team that arrested the drug lord.

Quintero had spent 28 years in prison after being found guilty of the brutal murder and torture of US drug enforcement administration (DEA) – the murder which is consider as one of the most notorious killings in history of Mexico.

He was released in 2013 after a new government came in power.

After his release, he went into hiding and proceeded with his drug operation.

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