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Chinese national Lu Ke, popularly known as Susu, has been extradited into the country from Zambia where he fled to.

Ke fled Malawi through uncharted routes after a BBC investigative report exposed him as being behind the videos that dehumanized children in Lilongwe and Mchinji districts.

Susu was arrested in Zambia after he fled from Malawi

The Zambian Government apprehended him for irregular entry and fined him accordingly.

Following this development, the Malawi Government through cooperation among Ministries of Homeland Security, Justice and Foreign Affairs, reached out to the Zambian Government to request the extradition of Susu.

After procedures for considering the extradition request were completed, the Government of Zambia handed over the Chinese national at the Mchinji border on Saturday evening.

He has since been charged with a trafficking in persons offence.
Deputy National Police Spokesperson, Harry Namwaza says the law enforcers are still reviewing Lu Ke’s charge sheet, as more charges are yet to come.


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