Monday, April 22, 2024
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In Tanzania, 1-month-old baby has died after a monkey snatched him from his mother as he was being breastfed.

The incident occurred on Saturday in the Mwamgongo village in Kigoma when a number of monkeys invaded a Sheyima Said’s house and snatched the baby from her hands while she was breastfeeding outside.

Kigoma Regional Police Commander, James Manyama said the mother had screamed for help but it was too late before villagers came.

“When the villagers came it was too late because the baby was already in the hands of monkeys,” Manyama told the news outlet.

It is said one monkey held the baby in its hands such that villagers had to a\use more force so it could let go of the infant.

The baby died after being rushed to the hospital as he sustained injuries on the neck and in his head.

Mwamgongo village is located in Eastern Tanzania near Gombe National Park where the monkeys are believed to have come from. It’s still unclear of their species.


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