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Rapper Krazie G has recently paid his last respects to his departed musical brother Martse in a recent freestyle released by Makosana yesterday, Friday, 8th, July.

A quiet number of recognized people in Malawi’s music industry have applauded and praised Krazie G’ composition and the lines that he has dropped in the tribute freestyle, however Nepman’s former manager Kabol Lombwe is not impressed.

Fans were surprised after Kabol Lombwe took to social media to express his dissatisfaction over the freestyle that a number of people have praised.

Reacting, Kabol took to his Facebook page writing a salty comment towards the tribute freestyle.

“Makosana munthu akamayimba freestyle yopoyira olo ali dolo muzitha kumuuza kuti ndiwe dolo koma wayimbazi ndizopoyira sitiponya pa page yathu otherwise page yanu iyamba kubowa. Musafele mayina.” [When an artist drops a whack freestyle, you should be open to tell them that you won’t post it despite their status – otherwise, your page will lose dignity and will start to get boring. don’t be fooled because of their brands” posted Kabol].

Kabol is never afraid to air out his opinions to the public. Just days ago, he brought mayhem on social media after questioning why Nepman was left aside from Lucius Banda’s show in US.

However, despite not liking the freestyle, some artists and fans have praised Krazie G’s freestyle.

“Krazie G is a king of punchlines. What he can say in two punchlines enafe titha kuziyimbira Part 1 ndi 2 kuti anthu amvetsetse. Takhazikika; otiyimilira akusowa,” posted Evanz Muzik.

Makosana Freestyle Section is an online programme organized by Makosana Music promoters who invite artists to their studio to perform freestyles which are posted on their page weekly.


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