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Two months after the rapper Martse mysteriously died, his brother Jerome has landed himself in trouble over the relative’s death.

Not only Jerome but another individual named as George Chikoko has also gotten himself in the same tensy situation by some influential individuals.

at Martse’s funeral

According to reports, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s Publicist, Ephraim Nyondo, the rapper Gwamba and singer Kelly Kay have filed a lawsuit against Jerome Nkhata, who is the brother of the late rappe and a Malawian Prophet based in South Africa George Chikoko for alleging that the three killed the late Martse through Satanism.

According to a court document, the three, Kell Kay, Nyondo and Gwamba are seeking for aggravated damages for character assassination and an injunction restraining the two from further publishing the said claims.

The court documents further show that the duo (Nkhata and Chikoko) allegedly published on their Facebook pages between July 23 and 25 2022 that the three murdered the late Martse through Satanism for refusing to join cult.

Meanwhile, the defendants (Nkhata and Chikoko) have been ordered to file a response of the claims leveled against them of wishing to contest or to stay the proceedings within 14 days.

The matter is before Judge Violet Chipao at Lilongwe High Court, Civil Division.

Nyondo, Kell Kay and Gwamba are being represented by Counsel Jimion Nyanda of the Lion Rock Attorneys at Law.

Martse was born on 18th May 1994 and he died on 23rd May 2022 in a burning house, where the police said the fire was attributed by faulty connections in a neighboring house.

He was a popular award-winning musician with hit songs such as ‘Go Deeper’, ‘Adidas’ and ‘Mwano’ which fellow musicians performed at the funeral.

Here’s alleged pastor naming suspects in Martse’s death. Click HERE

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