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YEOVIL, ENGLAND: A 31-year-old woman has been taken in court for allegedly murdering her lover for choking her during love making.

The woman Hayley Keating is said to have told the court that his then 45-year-old boyfriend Matthew Wormleighton had a tendency of choking her with his hands and sometimes with a belt when they are doing s3x such that she could sometimes lose conscious and pass out.

During the time she committed the crime in May this year, the couple picked a quarrel after a session of drugs and alcohol.

 Hayley Keating: Woman allegedly stabs boyfriend to death for CHOKING her during 'rape-like sex'

In the middle of their quarrel, the woman picked a knife and threw it towards the man such that it inflicted four inches into his chest.

She told The Bristol Crown Court that she once told her lover after gaining conscious that she felt like she was being raped.

“Sometimes he would do it with his hands. Sometimes he would do it with a belt, quickly around my head in a loop. I didn’t really say anything. I just told him to be careful. I was okay with it, he liked it, he like doing it,” she said.

A post-mortem done at her revealed lover revealed cause of death as a single stab wound.

“There was a single wound to his chest. The large knife that she used went into his chest to a depth of 10cm,”Prosecuter Jo Martin told the court.

Meanwhile, the trial continues….

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