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In Zambia, a man alleged to be a truck driver in Nakonde has completely lost his senses after reportedly attempting to spend a night at a named lodge with a strange woman that appeared from the blues.

The man who has been identified as Sinyangwe Denford, 45 year old, working for a transport company based in the DRC was this last week seen at the border picking litter and moving his naked body to the sound of vehicles.

According to narratives circulating, Denford at the particular day stopped his truck at one of the prominent lodges in Nakonde and went to check in to secure a reasonable room for himself and order food as he always does.

However, just after paying for food and room, he went outside to get his luggage from the truck and it seems this was when he bumped into a real beauty, she appeared from nowhere.

He could not stop looking at her, she moved close and asked if he wanted company.

The loose nut that almost every man has fell, his blood was running fast.

Holding hands they went straight to the room. No one knows what happened behind the door. People only heard Debford begging for his life and later ran out of the room in a birth suit.

He got on the truck but before he could start it, the woman was standing in front. He kept on shouting and calling for help, however, people who came outside got surprised seeing that he was talking to himself and there was nothing in front of the truck.

Meanwhile, rumors spreading are that Denford realized this was a dead woman when he undressed her and maggots started creeping on the bed.

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