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Gift Sikachila Who Is Believed To Have Died And Buried Last Year In November 2022 In Luampa District Of Western Province Has Surprised Many After He Was Seen Alive And Kicking In Kaoma District.

Gift Is Allerged To Have Been Found On A Farm Of Kalumwange Area In Kaoma.

After Discovering That Someone Had Risen From The Dead, More Community Members Flocked The Area To Have A Glimpse Of Gift Who Has Given Hope To Many That There Is Life After Death.

In trying to Get To The Bottom Of The Matter, Some People Thought Of Taking Gift To The Police, A Situation That Prompted Two Elderly Men To Claim A Relation With The Risen Dead.

It Was At This Moment That A Mob Tried To Descend On The Two Men Who Were Later Accused Of Having Killed Gift Using Witchcraft Means And Later Took Him To Work At The Farm He Was Found.

This Commotion Prompted The Police To Interviene And Took Control Of The Situation.

The Two Elderly Men With Gift Are Still In Custody To Help The Police With Investigations.

The Practice Of Killing Someone By Using Charms With A View To Making The Victim Offer Labour Services Is Locally Known As Mutukule.

Witches & Wizards Use What Is Known As Mirror Image Under Reflection Where A Fake Body Is Projected On Humans While The True Body Is Confined Somewhere.

This Practice Is Common In Western Province & Has Been Seen Happening In Kalabo, Kaoma, Senanga & Lukulu Districts.

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