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A South African church has gone viral following reports that it is issuing certificates of virginity to its female members after testing them.

It is said the Nazareth Baptist Church is doing all this in an effort to promote chastity among women in the society.

According to reports, the church conducts this activity at mid-year of every year whereby the successful female candidates are given a certificate and also a mark on their foreheads.

This is done to females who have reached the age of 18 and above. During the process, the girls get administered with a virginity test into their bodies that determines whether they have had s*x before or not.

Every mid-year girls flock to the church for the activity and according to reports, on Monday, July, 4 the church conducted the 2022-2023 session.


The Nazareth Baptist Church also known as “The Nazarite Church” is the second largest, African initiated church based in South Africa. It was founded in 1910.

It reveres Shembe as a prophet sent by God to restore the teachings of Moses, the prophets, and Jesus.

Members are Sabbath-observers and avoid pork, smoking, and premarital s*x.

It was divided into two groups after the 1976 death of Johannes Galilee Shembe. The larger group was led by Bishop Amos Shembe until his death in 1995, while Rev. Londa Shembe led the smaller group.

As of 2009, it was divided into three factions in KwaZulu-Natal and one in Gauteng.

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