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There’s nothing wrong with a bit of blind faith. But at this point, sadly, it seems that unwavering belief is only causing more suffering.

A popular South African pastor who passed away in August 2021 REMAINS inside a Gauteng mortuary – after failing to resurrect as promised.

Siva Moodley has a legion of followers, both domestically and internationally. He is revered amongst the religious community for a set of supposed ‘miracles’ her performed during his livelier sermons. However, critics believe these were performed ‘with a slight of hand’.

Since his death almost 400 days ago, Pastor Moodley has laid dormant inside Martins Funeral Home. The institution, located in Fourways, has been paid respectably to keep the faith-based leader in their care – but even a cashflow of almost R60 000 is starting to wear thin.

Martin du Toit runs the funeral home. He recently told IOL that he’s seeking approval from the courts to either burn or cremate the body. Indeed, it seems even the pastor’s most ardent supporters have given up on a resurrection. Moodley has had no visitors within the last 12 months.

It is said that the 53-year-old – who was the founder of The Miracle Centre in the north of Johannesburg – died on 15 August after falling ill. Moodley’s church has not acknowledged his death on their social media platforms.

It is also true that the pastor’s social media accounts, most notably Twitter, are still operational – and Tweets are posted every day as if they were from him. Services are being live-streamed on social media to the day, with sermons conducted by his wife and son.

A recent post from Africa Facts Zone has set tongues wagging on this issue again, as prospects of a resurrection dim further by the day…

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